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Jane McAdam Freud is an  internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, daughter of Lucian Freud (considered one of Britain's greatest painters) and great granddaughter of Sigmund Freud, the world renowned founder of psychoanalysis. Jane opened her gallery in Pribor, the birthplace of Sigmund Freud, in April 2022, only a few months before her death in August 2022.  Her aim was always to leave a legacy of her work in Pribor, as an inspiration to help others participate in and enjoy artistic activities, in a place where the founder of art and psychoanalysis was born.  

The Gallery forms part of an art hub or complex that includes a large townhouse on the square of Pribor  where Jane lived with her husband Peter. The house now also contains a museum housing some of Jane's artworks, a workshop and perfomance space, as well as residential facilities for use by artists, writers and by people who simply love art and/or want to experience Pribor.   Art courses and other activities are available for members of the public to enjoy and take part in a feast of art within this wonderful, historical town, located in the heart of Moravia, Czech Republic. 



The Gallery showcases the various bodies of contemporary art produced by Jane McAdam Freud and other contemporary artists.  Presentations, performances,  and related activities will accompany the exhibitions.       .                   


No. 28 Sigmund Freud Square houses both the main residence of Jane McAdam Freud and also a museum housing many of her sculptures and other artworks. An art studio on the ground floor forms part of the complex where workshops are held periodically. There are also residential facilities available for short term stays. 


One of the concepts of Freud Contemporary is to encourage educational activities, with particular emphasis on links between art and pschoanalysis which is the main drive of McAdam Freud's work. The educational components include Q&A presentations with academics, curators and artists.


Residential stays are available within the complex at reasonable rates with an option to participate in courses on various topics. 

Art residences are also available, leading to an exhibition in the Jane McAdam Freud Gallery.     

Contact: UK
Peter Henson & Georgia Powell

Contact: CZ
Miroslava Motlickova Ratajova